About Vanessa Currado

Toronto Mortgage Broker

Mortgage Renewal, Mortgage Pre-Approval, Debt Consolidation

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Hi! I'm Vanessa, a Mortgage Agent that makes it her business to become acquainted with your goals and be part of your family’s financial journey.

If there’s one thing I have learned throughout my 13 years in the financial services industry, while trying to balance the demands of a hectic household, it’s that my clients are like me and they expect simple and quick solutions with minimal disruption to meet their busy modern lives.

At home, I have an amazing hubby, 4 beautiful children, a furbaby pup named Giggy, and a larger-than-life cat named Boots (did I mention hectic household). In my (limited) spare time, you’ll most likely find me cramming in as many audiobooks as possible, most often accompanied with a very full glass of wine and a good cheese board or even just a bag of sour keys will do...so all things healthy. I love to travel both internationally and, more often, to any number of home décor stores to find the perfect addition to my home, and then tell my husband that it’s always been there…until he discovers the tag I forgot to remove.

As a Mortgage Agent my goal is to provide a tailored lending solution that fits your family’s needs throughout all your life stages in the simplest way possible. At the heart of my passion is the desire to help educate my clients and empower them to achieve whatever goals they have envisioned while I advocate on their behalf to get them the best deal possible. My promise is to work hard for you and help make your vision come true.

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